Presidents Message

Dear HBA Member,

It's an honor to be your new HBA President and I look forward to leading the Association into the next decade. As incoming president, my hope is that everyone here takes full advantage of the many opportunities this association provides.

First, consider joining one of our committees. These groups are the foundation of our organization and the more members participate, the more we all benefit. To get involved in the Associate Council, Membership Committee, Industry Action Committee, Sales and Marketing Council, or our Political Action Committee, contact There is something for everyone.

If you are builder member, come to our events. Please give our associates in the HBA, who support us, the opportunity to bid on a new job or project.

If you are an associate member wanting to extend your reach, sponsor one of our events. Also, consider inviting a builder to be your guest at our events; a simple gesture goes a long way. The variety of events offered throughout the year provide great opportunities to make new connections with fellow members.

Also, as we all know 2020 is a big election year and the Presidential election will dominate the headlines, but it is the local elections that impact us the most as an association. The implications affect builders and associates alike. This past summer our board members met with several local politicians from both parties. We strive to keep an open dialogue with our elected officials on the major concerns that affect the building industry.

With this in mind, we ask that everyone consider donating to our Voice of Housing Political Action Committee. Since donations must be personal contributions, we have tried to make the process even than before. This year you can donate online simply by clicking this link.

Finally, the housing outlook for 2020 looks promising! With a strong economy and an unfortunate housing shortage there is tremendous opportunity for everyone in our association. Let's continue to work together as we build a prosperous new decade.


TR Moser

2020 HBA President

Now it is more important than ever to stay connected and stay together and support our industry. Also, smart marketing, information, general advice and peer support are for every one of us and HBA has a lot to offer in these areas.

-Paul Mihranian, Lightning by Design