Digital Marketing Trends – 2019


Digital Marketing Trends – 2019 

Builders • Associates • Sales & Marketing Professionals, you are invited to attend an educational seminar: What’s new and what’s critical to a successful sales start in 2019

Attend this Google-centric seminar to uncover the most recent changes and how they can help – or hurt – your marketing, and ultimately, your sales.

9:00 a.m. - SEMINAR

Keeping up with Google:
• SEO and your First Page RANKING – Find out what’s important to maintain your position as we head into 2019.
• GOOGLE ADS – AdWords opportunities are changing fast. Learn what’s new (there’s a lot!) that can significantly increase the return from your ad dollars and save you thousands.
Keeping ahead online:
• ADDRESSABLE GEO-FENCING ­ – Learn what’s new in geo-fencing, the mobile advertising that took the homebuilding industry by storm last year
• BIG DATA – Key ways big data is changing online marketing and how companies are using to improve their results
• ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) – Better understand of one of the biggest buzzwords going into 2019 and where it fits into your future
Presented by Paula Rhoads, President, Rhoads Creative and Digital Strategist, Rhoads Digital.
Paula presents at conferences across the U.S. on the latest in digital marketing. She leads two companies based in West Chester, Pennsylvania – Rhoads Creative and Rhoads Digital – both focused on the absolute latest in online marketing. Her companies have won over 60 national and regional marketing awards.
The seminar is a mid-level content for Builders and Associates and Sales and Marketing Professionals. REGISTER HERE

Now it is more important than ever to stay connected and stay together and support our industry. Also, smart marketing, information, general advice and peer support are for everyone of us anf HBA has a lot of offer in these areas.

-Paul Mihranian, Lightning by Design