PA Code Update Training

Code Update Training

Code changes have gone into effect in Pennsylvania on October 1st. Updated topics include:

101: Code Update Overview

Topics to be discussed during this session include: upcoming changes to the PA UCC; which code provisions will be enforceable on October 1, 2018; overview of the code provisions amended as part of the RAC review process; and where to go for more information.

102: 2015 IRC Highlights

This session will present some of the major code updates coming to Pennsylvania including: air tightness requirements and blower door testing, mechanical ventilation, framing requirements with decks, and more.

Blower Door for Builders + Whole House Mechanical Ventilation

Beyond visual inspection, Section R402.4.1.2 of the 2015 IECC now requires testing and verification of the building’s air leakage rate to meet the mandatory 5 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals (5 ACH50) or less in Pennsylvania. This air tightness level also triggers the requirement for mechanical ventilation in the 2015 IRC. This session will provide an overview of both concepts, including examples of mechanical ventilation system designs.

PA Alternative Residential Energy Provisions

On May 1, 2018, the PA Uniform Construction Code (PA UCC) Review and Advisory Council (RAC) submitted their report to the Department of Labor and Industry adopting the majority of the code provisions contained in the 2015 International Code Council (ICC) Model Codes. These changes triggered an update of the PA Alternative Residential Energy Provisions. The Pennsylvania Alternative Residential Energy Provisions were developed with the intent of being: simpler to build and easier to enforce; more rational and flexible; focused on Pennsylvania in terms of climatic and other conditions; and, equivalent to the provisions of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) in terms of energy efficiency. This session will dig into the updated version of this standard.



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