Home Builders Association of Chester and Delaware Counties

Member Benefits

The Home Builders Association of Chester and Delaware Counties (HBA) is a professional trade organization comprised of more than 450 companies involved in every aspect of the new home construction and sales process. The HBA advocates for public policy initiatives and sustainable building techniques that balance the need for strong economic growth and environmental protection. Our mission is to provide and protect the American Dream of Home ownership for current and future generations.

The HBA understands that our value proposition can be tangible and intangible. We recognize the importance of clearly articulating to members the return on their dues investment to the greatest extent possible. Outlined below are just some of the benefits of membership in the HBA:

● The HBA serves as the legislative and public affairs voice for the new residential construction industry in Chester and Delaware Counties.

    • The HBA employs staff and consultants with over 25 years of combined experience in local and state legislative and regulatory issues.
    • The HBA regularly interacts with Southeast DEP, PennDOT, and the County Conservation Districts to ensure a reasonable regulatory environment under which to operate.
    • The HBA monitors local governments to protect against the adoption of unreasonable ordinances.
    • The HBA regularly distributes industry talking points on industry trends and public policy issues to the media and elected officials.
    • The Association saved builders (and consumers) up to $3,000 per house in 2006 by reinstating the 2003 International Residential Code.

● The HBA of Chester and Delaware Counties is nationally recognized for the excellence of its members.

● The HBA offers several cost savings benefits as well, including:

● Membership in the HBA of Chester & Delaware Counties is three fold. Members of the HBA are automatically enrolled at the state and nation level with the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Membership doesn't cost - it pays!

Eight Ways to Maximize your Membership